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Review: Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger

New comment on Super sentai! This time I come to talk about the last series that I ended up seeing, Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger. This series has things from other seasons, as the subject of martial arts (kung fu, kempo in Japanese); something that there had been already more directly or indirectly in other seasons of the franchise, but here is taken very literally. Also say that there is always some martial arts, or variations of it (as in Shinkengers Bushido and kendo, or Ninjas). In fact, there are nods to the martial arts film; but above all the argument of the series as summarized in the opening:

Let's talk about the main characters, the Gekirangers in particular. We first meet Jan, Kando Jan, Geki Red, tiger child and enormous heap of enthusiasm with feet and Wicks. He is the main character, but as other Red, he is not the actual leader, if not the new kid; and as boy raised in the forest, he used a loincloth; and he is the only human able to being falling sympathetic after beating pandas, since thanks to their life in the forest stands out for its unbeatable body. Then we know the other two members of the team: Ran and Retsu. Ran the Gekiyellow, which is the heart of the team, with the speed of the motive of his costume that is the Cheetah. Retsu, is the elegant artistic painter, and martial artist with the title of Gekiblue, and being the most dedicated to the technique of his fighting style, and with his own personal reasons to learn martial arts. Whom is, his brother, who suposedly died ten years earlier in combat, but mysterious and wolf-like reappeared, Gou, who then becomes Geki Violet, Lone Wolf learning to be one with the team. Finally, Ken, GekiChopper, someone something lighthearted and selfish, but with an unusual talent, and with the only animal of the team that is not a predator, but a rhino. I have to say that the Group meets by steps, and that since that time, and until the end, this is the entire group, and one group of five and no 6 (5 + 1), which is rare on Super Sentai.

But the good ones, have so much explanation his powers, in his martial style martial powers, and also to his team, a sports equipment company finances them, which is directed by his mentors. There are 7 of them, animal shaped masters that represent their martial styles, and Miki, daily Chief  in charge of the company, are mentors for the team. Miki is a good character, has no powers, but is very skilled with his martial arts, and a mother for the team, in addition to his daughter. Together with Shafu, a male caracal cat, is the character that always supports the team from the first episode. For Western taste, teachers are rare and ridiculous, but this is a Japanese young child series, so huge cuddly toys are not so strange, I guess...

But the best of the series, one of the reasons that people still remember it, that is its villains; because they have great personality. As in several series, leaders villains change from moment to moment, because they are evil, devious and ambitious bit of trust. And i don't want bust anything there is fun stories. However to clarify, the bad guys are members of the variation of the same school, but instead of using the power of the animal soul of each one to protect the weak and defenseless, they developed a way to take advantage of the desperation and the cries of people fear to gain power, thus forming the Rinjyuken Aku Gata. They were sealed for many years, but a student of Shafu on behalf of his desire to be strong, revive this martial arts school. Rio, the renegade student, resurrects the school literally. Raises the corpses, which are the monsters and the foot soldiers, Rinshi reminiscent of the chinese hopping vampire or Jyonshi, while the monsters are the same, but by force and talent someones have been able to retrieve their mind and higher capacities, switching to an animal form (Rinrinshi in the form of man beast/Jujin). In fact, the first resurrected one, she is the best character of the entire series: Mele, in love and faithful Rio, she is ready to everything for him. And with some of the best and most funny moments of the entire series. Rio and she, yes, suffer from the Vegeta's Syndrome, but it is natural, and I don't want to spoil you anything.

And I leave more things in the pipeline about characters, it is highly recommended to be seen. The series, as all of the genre, combines comedy and drama, with lots of action. Between these mixtures, there are episodes that are so different from what one would expect. Others do not escape from the over used script, but hey; it's fine for genre issues clear. From tribute to animaga series as "Eye's Cat" to a version of "The 47 Samurai"; who could expect something like that?. That is a recommendation if you like the genre.

Soon more things on behalf of your friend and neighbour Cyber Mario.

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