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Whovian Bestiary - 50th Anniversary RPG Ars Magica version

Whovian Bestiary

This is a tribute to Doctor Who Series 'cause to the 50th Anniversary on this 2013 year. I am going to rewrite on some ways some Criatures from that series on RPG terms, using the rules presented on Ars Magica Core Rules 5th Edition, Realms of Power - Faerie, Realms of Power – Magic, Realms of Power -the Infernal and others source books. I am not the owner of any term, but the Doctor Who references are BBC property and the Ars Magica references pertain to the owners, Atlas Games and all their writers and makers staff.
Thanks for read.

The Weeping Angels

The Weeping Angels are strange creatures. They seem to be mere statues when they are observed by somebody, and that is: whenever someone looks at are shaped angel statues completely normal and real. The problem is that when they are not observed they become the fastest predators, capable of breaking the neck of an unfortunate victim when it can not look at them, but his speciality is send to Arcadia with their Spirit Away Power. That means that when they are in a group, than usual, can not even look each other, but they act as fully coordinated groups. While they don't attack, usually they stand in a crying pose with both hands covering his eyes and many of their faces, and with wings folded back, but when the are attacking, often this creatures show ferocious traits that had not possessed until then.
Those who attacked the angels are sent to the Faerie Realm, commonly Arcadia, but the victim lives a full life, and hi is is not aware about the problem on the trip often she suffers for the age and finally the victim dies, to fuel the Angel who sent him at first. They don't really exist in the form of stone, being invulnerable to damage but unable to move until they aren't been observed. One problem is that these creatures are generated through their own image: they arise from the memories of those who look at the eyes, the portraits and the echo of his footsteps, but they need a lot of strength: Vis victims or to survive. It's this need cause they attack the Order-or rather his Vis and its inhabitants, and it is suspected that some fallen Covenants are because their actions. It's rumoured that this beings are the result of a Diedne curse, a magical accident or the result of angelic statues that they animated themselves on abandoned churches and cemeteries, then occupied by the fairies.
Not suitable as player characters.
Faerie Might: 25 (Imaginem)
Characteristics: Int +2, Per +2, Pre +2, Com -3, Str +1, Sta +2, Dex +3, Qik +5
Size: 0
Virtues and Flaws: Greater Faerie Powers x2, Greater Quickness x2, Faerie Sight, Faerie Speech, Feast of the Dead, Focus Faerie Powers x2, Humanoid Faerie, Immune to Damage (While is on Stone Form), Improved Characteristics x3, Increased Faerie Might (Major), Increased Faerie Might (Minor), Ritual Faerie Power, Increased Soak x3, Driven (To Feed himself), Great Malediction (Stone when anybody see him), In-cognizant, Mute, Traditional Ward (Anybody that see him)
Personality Traits: Predatory +3, Eloquent -3, Sloth +2, Driven to Feed himself +6
Grab: Init +8, Attack +10, Defense +12, Damage +1
Wound Penalties: –1 (1–5), –3 (6–10), –5 (11–15), Incapacitated (16–20), Dead (21+)
Pretenses: Athletics 6 (running), Awareness 6 (preys), Brawl 6 (grab), Concentration 6 (wait), Faerie Lore 4 (Regiones), Faerie Speech 5 (understand others), Finesse 5 (Imaginem), Penetration 5 (Spirit Away), Stealth 6 (stealthy movement)
Spirit Away: variable points, n/a, Vim: allows the faerie to act as a threshold guardian, as described in the Faerieland Chapter from Realms of Power - Faerie.
Focus Power (Ruler of Imaginem): up to 5 points, Init 0, Imaginem
They use this powers to become more difficult to be more stealthy.
Focus Power (Crafter of Imaginem): up to 5 points, Init 0, Imaginem
Angels use this powers to take voices and to make more difficult evade them.
The Image of an Angel Becomes Itself an Angel : 5 points, Init 0, Imaginem
The angel makes more of himself making eye contact with one human, one reflected image or on reproduction like one statue or draw. The new angel will sprout of the victim or the image.
Vis: 5 of Imaginem Vis on theirs stone bodies.
Appearance: When an Angel is seen pretending to be a statue of an angel in a pose of mourning or prayer, but he is avoiding eye contact with his peers actually, with a classic gown and her hair, and indeterminate an androgynous features. While the hunt they show predator traits completely or their features become fierce and his hands prove paws. The cold grey stone however doesn't change. To avoid deadlock, stealth is required to overcome their own care (opposed roll), and then keep your eyes on it – stress roll + Vitality + Concentration at difficulty 9 - but in low light or with a place to be hide both rolls become more difficult, adding +3 to the difficulty of the victims. If a disturbance causes the victim to blink, the Angel comes close half the distance to the victim-fail on him close enough to only have to stretch your arms, while a botch can either cause you directly capture not keep my eyes at all, or that the person cross with angel eyes and create a future angel in his own eyes and remember the Angel. While they are observed by anyone however, are incapable of damaging or even move.


Order: Furies
Long ago, in a land far away, the war made two kingdoms from suffering the depredations of the Infernal. Devil Children, disease and other affronts unholy fruits of the long war became increasingly difficult as the war had become impossible to live with farm animals, recover from injury or even planting cereal. One of the wise men of the kingdom decided to study this, and only reached a conclusion... The Hell had chosen his race for something big. So terrible he began terrible experiments and tests, seeing that the deformities of the kingdom were a way to make his own race live forever. The culmination of his experiment was based on his own image, a creature with no emotions beyond hate and desire for conquest, a master race, or at least that was his plan, the parts made of his own strange lumps caused by the infernal aura in which he lived.
These creatures are a type of demon, which seeks to develop hatred and domination. When this demons materialize, they have a hard metal armour, similar to bronze, and they can throw powerful wicked lightnings from one of their arms, and they are able to devour the flesh of the living from the other. They look like bronze strange figures, but inside the cover one eyed strange octopus being inhabits. Hate as their lifestyle, tying conquer and kill every other being on Creation, and sometimes they win, because they hate the existence of any other beings so much. Unfortunately, someone intrudes, "The Oncoming Storm" or "The Predator", a terrible creature or entity that has held a terrible grudge against them for many time. Very much of them are terrestrial demons and doesn't have the Coagulation power.
Each Dalek is very powerful, capable to bring down entire armies and to destroy entire regions, but there are some even more terrible individuals: Daleks Ministers and Leaders (Lords usually), secrets hidden members of Cults (Masters) and even a Supreme Dalek (a Duke). All Daleks used their powers on combat more than simple brawl, but lack any emotion beyond hatred with which they were created by his evil creator, along with one dark Intelligence. They also have a problem since all are like Cyclops beneath his armour, they can not see well around him, but his armour is like a full plate armour at all when they use their power of Coagulation.
Infernal Might: 20 (Mentem) (Higher sometimes)
Weakness: Running Water (their armours have wheels being useless to moving on that condition)
Possession, variable points, Init +2, Mentem: See Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Demonic Powers on Realms of Power – The Infernal.
Coagulation, 2 points, Init –1, Corpus: They appear strange like octopus creatures behind their heavy armour. See Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Demonic Powers on Realms of Power – The Infernal.
Obsession, 1 to 3 points, Init –5, Vim: Hate. See Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Demonic Powers on Realms of Power – The Infernal.
Waxing Tide of Humors, 3 points, Init +2, Mentem: See Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Furies description on Realms of Power – The Infernal.
Beserker Rage, 1 point, Init 0, Mentem: See Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Furies description on Realms of Power – The Infernal.
Endurance of the Enraged, 0 points, Init 0, Corpus: See Chapter 4: Infernal Legions, Furies description on Realms of Power – The Infernal.
Soul Eater; 1, 2 o 5 points, Init -3, Mentem & Corpus: With this power, one Dalek can absorb information from the body or the mind of one victim. He can take one fact about her body for one point, he can take mental information spending 2 and he can smash her skull spending 5.
Fatal Lightning; 1 point, 0 Init, Ignem: To blow up any object with one beam (Just like one Creo Ignem base 10 effect but to Sight Range).
Impervious Bronze; 1 point, +3 Init, variable Form: By concentration, one Dalek can protect himself like any ward Rego effect of any physical Damage. He need spend power or to maintain the concentration before that the damage are effective, but it could evade any damage with this power.

The Silurians

The Silurian are said to be ancient inhabitants of the world, but eons ago (possibly before the flood or before war between magical and faerie deities) they fled underground. There (in Regios or possibly even within the Magic Realm) have waited, waited to return. Marine creatures, his relatives in theory, looked back before they were binding themselves to their cities-awakening dormant in-process, and also have relationships with the Dragons with whom they often share certain shelters and entrances to their underground shelters supernatural as example underground caves near the coast and well. If these creatures are related to the Atlanteans and how that relationship is not clear, as nothing with these ancient races.
They have natural properties and magical powers, but they are given to share or approach worldly beings. As reptiles that are moving through the soil from their ancestral caves and sometimes prey on the "mammals" as they call humans, just derogatorily equating to hairy beasts. If they are descendants of dragons, snakes worshippers or some kind of deity antediluvian (Primal Spirits) offspring, as the Titans or Fomori, or other type for Kosmokrators (term used by theurgists from the Order) is not sure. What it does, is that their reptilian appearance but with ability to think and speak is equal to that of any human, but on his cool and own way. They can move underground like other underwater creatures, and leave her to catch their prey. Covered in scales, have a paralysing poison tongue, and at the same time that can be equipped with weapons such as crossbows, swords and daggers, on which also used its venom. In addition to these weapons and armour of a strange leather and studs, they know magical mystical secrets and knowledge of those who are old guardians.

Silurians Stats

Inherited Virtues and Magical Qualities: Animal Ken, (Cave) Regio Network, Greater Power: Cave Diving, Greater Power: Earthly Clasp, Improved Attack (Forked tongue), Improved Damage (Forked tongue), Improved Initiative, Magical Blood (Magic Animal: Forked tongue), See In Darkness.
Common Flaws and Inferiorities: Essential Flaw (Major): Reptile, Monstrous Appearance (Reptilian traits - Inherited by be Magic Humans), Monstrous Blood (Magic Human: -1 to Communication), Slow Power: Earthly Clasp, Territorial, Warped Senses (Sensitive to Cold or Sensitive Sight).

Cave Diving
0 Points, Init (Quick -3), Corpus
R: Per, D: Mom, O: Ind
The character can move through earth and rock over his head, under his feet or by the wall unto other open space until one league from his first spot.
ReCo(An,Te) 35 (Base 25, +1 Touch, +1 Animal requisite): Greater Power (35 levels, -3 Might Points, +2 Init)

Earthly Clasp
0 Points, Init (Quick -3), Animal or Corpus
R: Touch, D: Mom, O: Ind
The character can force that another creature (but up to the double of his size) to appear on another spot known different under earth point, or that he just travelled with his Cave Diving power. This power is used to trap intruders, and protecting his dominions in this way.
ReCo(Te) 25 (Base 25): Greater Power (35 levels, -3 Might Points)

Venomous Spit
0 Points, Init 0.
When the Silurian attacks with his fangs or tongue, compare its Attack Advantage to the victim’s armour Protection (not his Soak). If the Silurian’s advantage is higher, the victim suffers the effects of asp venom as listed in the Poison Table on p. 180 of ArM5, regardless of whether the bite inflicts an actual wound.
Forked Tongue: Init +3, Atk +2, Def +2, Dam 0.
The next statistics are the currents for one forked tongue. One Silurian can attacks for a near distance and poison one victim with that.

The Time Lords

The mysterious and ancient race of the Time Lords somehow seems to be related to the mythical Golden Generation, but instead of two heads and two bodies have only two hearts together... But this magical and strange trait wich shows its true nature is not visible to the naked eye (anybody trying figure out, she needs make a stress roll Perception + Medicine or Chirurgy difficulty 6 to perceive, it requires to palpate and to touch her breast or any other point to take the pulse); to be no confused with humans. They are the last proof that the Magic Realm is somehow the Twilight Void what's in between major events and moments of history, all connected. The echoes and memories, unaltered by word of mouth or imagination, that's what the Time Lords look: They look at history, and protect their own rules do not alter it, although unlike Auditors (see Guardians of Mystery from Realms of Power Magic) they have always been magical beings, and the rules are always internal and own for themselves only. The importance of these rules, that comes here because they have access to the creation of magic items, a kind of ships known as Tempus Et Relativum Insula in Cosmos-something like "Time and Relative Insula in Cosmos", a kind of very powerful variety of Magic Things, which are the key to his travels in the Magic Kingdom, between regiones levels of these and the actual material world. This power is controlled by their leaders, and they seem to have generally avoided conflicts, and their Regio has great fame as a paradise. Moreover, they are known as being virtually immortal, in addition to not suffer over time can come back to life after death just by changing its appearance and some say their own way of being... a wonder that has attracted many strange things to think about them.
However, many people speak that they were eliminated during one war. Furthermore, it appears that renegade members vandalized or rebellious acts to contravene their own rules precisely. It is known that there was a war against infernal creatures who hated the power they possessed... and little more. Apparently, someone posing as one of them until now, but never revealing his name beyond an academic degree, with different aspects and features increasingly seems to have meddled in the history of the Order, too often in fact. Always with a human companion (or strangers creatures in fact), he had hundreds of charges and acknowledgements: mocking Tremere (and suspicion that participated in the Sundering), taking things from the house Verditius, helping on uncover Corruption House Tytallus, helping against hundreds of demons, being complicit with at least two Diedne Alliances and molesting the fairies... or at least there are people who swear that it did among other things. The truth is that beyond a few memories, there aren't any or there are very few remaining traces of his real existence, as hardly any of the things against which they fought. The Guardians of the mystery may be behind all this ...

Time Lords Stats

Inherited Virtues and Magical Qualities: Arcane Lore, Gift of Tongues, Improved Might (varies the number of times), 2x Improved Powers, Lesser Immunity (against Lightnings), Magical Warder (Tempus Et Relativum Insula in Cosmos), Natural Appearance, 3x Ritual Power: Regeneration, one or more Focus Power (varies, normally related to the Mind, like Ruler of Mentem or similar; or Corpus effects).
Common Flaws and Inferiorities: Acclimation Prone, Fealty Vote (or Black Sheep or Enemies, some kind of Story Flaw to explain their relation with the mundane), Restricted Power: Regeneration (Only 12 times regardless Might or Confidence Pool, and only it can be really Ritual the effect), Slow Power: Regeneration, Susceptible to Deprivation.

7 Points, Init (Quick -10), Corpus
R: Per, D: Mom, O: Ind, Ritual
When one Time Lord is killed, then on incredible process takes place, one sovereign mystical effect during that moment any particle of his body is healed and reshaped on one new way (but one enemy can stop it during the process, making one Quickness stress check against). This is one true resurrection effect, with some nuances.
Randomly any Trait (Personality, Characteristics, Virtues or Flaws,etc.) can change during this process but not the Experience. The Apparent Age is chosen or taken randomly. Only can be made 12 Times on the existence one Time Lord existence.
CrCo 70 (Base 70, No Hermetic): Ritual Power x3 (70 levels, -1 Might Point), Improved Powers (-6 Might Points, +4 Init)
Tempus Et Relativum Insula in Cosmos” Template
Magic Might: 30 (Vim)
Characteristics: Int +6, Per +6, Pre n/a, Com n/a, Str +19, Sta +10, Dex 0, Qik -9
Size: +9
Season: Winter
Virtues & Flaws: Magic Thing, Arcane Lore, Enigmatic Wisdom, Gift of Tongues, *3xGreater Power, Magic Sensitivity, Premonitions, Puissant Enigmatic Wisdom, Tough, Essential Flaw: Enigmatic Machine, Mute, No Hands.
(* Maybe more)
Personality Traits: Bigger on the Inside +6, Loyal +3, Territorial +2
Their powers include ways to travel through Twilight Void, Regiones and any places, and to make that the voyagers could understand any language (including written); and to make that their appearance looks different and smaller.
They have relationships on his Time Lords near to Familiars with their magi. They are so big, that inside can transport Laboratories, libraries and many other rooms, without importance of the external look.


When Mechanicians (see Ancient Magic) saw than theirs days were ended, they tried to find a way to extend their longevity. Sadly only a bunch or they got it. They began to create automatons in human form to use these creatures as transplant sources, changing bodies and body parts failed to heal wounds on their immortal and now magic bodies. Some of this knowledge and their Vis came from the Egyptian secret temples and tombs since they avoided the Dominion cause it was increasingly unpleasant for them, and they took refuge in places of pagan power for that. Gradually discovered how to celebrate a Rite, now lost, which ended up turning them into creatures half human half Magic Thing, a new being: Kubernites (name dedicated to some of their Mechanica, that were navigation related). The downside is that to extend their new existence other humans still be needed to create more of their own, because they lost the ability to create Animaes, but a few simple, and only human Kubernites transform. They sailed, drawing a flood of the Nile, but their animated ships were defeated by an error of calculations (Although some say it was a strange figure who did it isntead), leaving these creatures trapped underwater and on dream eternal, but not being human some escaped through the Twilight Void or the Magic Realm. A few others were plunged into a dream in the deserts where they lived, where they stand who would wake him.
In addition, either the XII century magician named Verditius Cybus found notes, or on another unrelated otherwise to the original Kubernites, he performed the same series of experiments that ended with the conversion of members of the population and their allies on his Covenant on one magical creatures that he called "Cyberus Human". He was looking for himself immortality, but before completing it his plan was gone, and all their converts disappeared with him. It is unknown how, but Quaesitori have investigated that speak of a "visitor" which apparently precipitated the fall of Cybus. This strange figure is repeated in many stories through the Order's History.
Regardless of any different origin, these two creatures are almost identical, only distinguishable because some versions always created his own based Animal Cyberus called Shadow Cyberus (The Cyberus Human) that are simple minded with few powers (and Grog level of Spring Season Characters); while Kubernites create automatons servers with Heron's Mechanica -Kubermantes (see Ancient Magic for details). Both also share parallel organization: especially those processed in versions capable (Controllers, with Might Score of 20 and Autumn Season) and others of minor power (the most common). They also build intricate mechanisms, but require human labour (sometimes enslaved by their powers) to the “materials” for new members, and they always carry advanced crossbows used with deadly accuracy, and magic items too.

Kubernites (and Cyberus Human) Stats

Inherited Virtues and Magical Qualities: Arcane Lore, Educated, Gifted (only Controllers), Greater Power: Jupiter's Touch (Cyberus Humans only, the Kubernites create Mechanica with similar or others destructive effects instead), Improved Powers, 4xImproved Soak, Large, Magic Blood (Magic Thing – They can be healed with Craft, Craft: Automatas, Mechanica of Heron or related supernatural powers -like Terram rituals- instead of Corpus Magic, Chirugy or Medicine), Mechanica of Heron (only Kubernites), No Fatigue, Puissant Craft: Clockwork, 2xRitual Power: From the Flesh to the Steel, Variable Power: From the Flesh to the Steel (Increase the power when Cyberus Human increase their Craft: Clockwork Ability Score, or on Mechanica of Heron for Kubernites. The firsts can affect animals with their power at Score 3, and both can create superior versions with this Ritual Power), Greater Malediction (Gold Vulnerability – they can't soak damage and suffer paralysis for gold touch [Kubernites Only]).
Common Flaws and Inferiorities: Essential Flaw - Crafted (They doesn't fell nothing – Major), Limited Speech (Shadow Cyberus only), Monstrous Appearance (metallic aspect), Monstrous Blood (Magic Thing – Don't heal naturally themselves), Restricted Power: From the Flesh to the Steel (metallic components required to do it), Slow Power: From the Flesh to the Steel, Temporal Might, Terram Monstrosity (Metallic body).

From the Flesh to the Steel
5 Points, Init (Quick -9), Corpus.
R: Touch, D: Mom, O: Ind, Ritual.
On their lairs or haunts, they can become humans on more of their own kind. This is because powers need two rounds and metallic parts to the process. If they don't spend Might Score, they only dominate the objective but they can change it permanently with another use of this power. Kubernites and Ciberus Humans, both have this power and they use it on almost same ways.
The Kubernites use it to make new members, but to create simple servers they prefer Mechanica of Heron. The Cyberus Human use it to make slave animals versions too (at Score 3 of related Ability). On Range 5 they both can create Controllers to make more possible their Conquer, but they need Gifted or some other way powerful victims to that. The Animas created by Kubernites aren't human shaped, if not based on silverfish form.
MuCo(Me,Te) 45 (Base 25 +1 Touch, +1 Mentem requisite, +1 Terram requisite, +1 no hermetic power): Ritual Power x2 (45 Levels, -1 point) Improved Powers (-3 points, 10 xp to Penetration, 10 xp to Concentration)

Jupiter’s Touch
5 point, Init +2, Auram.
R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Ind
See Realms of Power Magic Chapter 8 Magic Things Elementals for details. Only is possessed by Cyberus Humans, since the Kubernites make Mechanicas with this power.
CrAu 30 (base 5, +1 Touch, +4 unnatural): Greater Power (30 levels, –2 Might cost, +2 Init).

I hope that you like this entry, with the work invested here. I leave PDFs versions here and here. And Spanish version here and here.

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