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Fan made Necromancy path for V20

Path of the Funeral Silence
This path is a secret, the biggest secret that keep the mute. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to learn for those non-blood line Necromancers. In their very first levels, just this Path doesn't show power with the wraiths or the Underworld, but as other mysteries, when they go more down this power, more ghostly it becomes. However, it has relationship always with silence, whispers and secrets. Wityh this Path, the voice is allways needed, impossible to learn for Mute vampires or use for somebody silenced.
Silent Witness
Learn secrets is difficult when you're not dead, but hiding your ears from all conversation with this capability seems to be simple. The mute secrets come as if they were flies, even though no one share with them. This power calls them, even if it is not in the room at that moment...
System: The vampire makes a roll of Perception + Subterfuge to difficulty 7 and spend a Willpower point. Each success allows to know 1 hour of conversations that have been taken in that room or as many meters as the vampire possess on Perception + Awareness or Alertness, whichever is greater, for an area in the open air. Conversations made under the influence of the powers like Obfuscate, Chimerism, by Telepathy or other similar Disciplines required to compare the level of Necromancy or Auspex (the lower of the two) with the vampires who try to spy, or check for the unseen.
With a quick glance and a roll at an ease difficulty of 6, you can follow a close conversation in real time, even if the fellow members are whispering or ther are too much ambient noise, and that can also be perceived through illusions but it is considered Auspex only if it is greater than the Necromancy.
In both uses a failed roll makes it impossible to find out anything, and a botch gives false information.

••Whispers behind his Back
The Silentes are known for than their quiet voice is, by speaking allways in whispers; many times being the only thing that anybody can see or remember about them. Speaking to the ear, without anyone seeing who speaks, that makes this power actually an overwhelming one in the hands of a cunning vampire. Although today through technology, anyone can do the same thing.
System: The Silent can make a client or adversary that it be perceived by your field of vision or hearing (usually extended by obfuscation) she could hear him, and taht requires a blood point and a dice roll Manipulation + Stealth at difficulty 6. Every rolled success lets you exchange a phrase (i.e., listening and talking to the objective); and it determines the Social reserve during that conversation for the Necromancer. The objective may very well be heard not to will of the Silente, which can ruin or humiliate the seemingly crazy guy. A failure makes that the victim heard an unintelligible whisper, and a botch makes the message ends up in the ears of someone completely unwished or reveals the position of the vampire.
You can use this power upon anybody that you have met before, even without being present; but it requires an additional Willpower point.
•••Grave Silence
Forcing them to be language to remain silent is something that vampires more martial tend to do better, whether it's in final form or those enough social can convince and scare. Many can cloud the memory of mortals or vampires by subverting their will. The Silent however prefer an even more direct mode, and supernatural. They invoke invisible choking hands and stop the air to pass down the throat of its objective, preventing that it can speak; same as some ghosts and vampires of some legends from the mortals. To the Kindred this is a small social nuisance, but it supposed a gruesome death to mortals... or so devastating that it will not require much more effort to submit them later.
System: To run this sinister power, the vampire must make a Manipulation + Occult die roll of difficulty equal to victim's Stamina+3, and each success take a dice in the victim's reserves of Charisma and Manipulation during one scene. Only using methods that do not require verbal communication, she could do it withput penalty.
If the victim is a living (like a ghoul), in addition to the above he will suffer from suffocation. In a quiet scene, compare the victm's Stamina rating with the successes achieved; so someone who has Stamina 1 can hold just 30 seconds before use Willforce that would give another 30 seconds to endure (1 minute someone with Stamina 2, endure, every point doubles the previous time - Stamina 3 two minutes and so on). Whenever somebody performed on someone in a stressful situation see again her Stamina, those are the turns that endures without breathing, and each Willforce point would just add one turn more. In both cases, when the endurance capacity, ends each turn the living victim will suffer a level of lethal damage until Incapacitated; dying in number of turns equal to their Stamina unless the effect has already finished.

••••Malicious Ways
The ghosts know many things. They can serve as spies, or remember elements of their lives and existences, and even of the living by those who are responsible. For quite some time, one of the less evily seenuses of Necromancy as witchcraft, was in fact ask them. Consulting with ancestors and other deceased was a very common practice in the Greek world, and the Silentes memorized this form of relationship with the ghosts.
System: A blood point activates the power, requiring also a die roll Witts + Occult at 6 difficulty. It works similarly to the power of Lifeless Tongues from the Ass Path to speak with the dead, but in addition to speak; You can negotiate with the ghosts that carry the other branches of this Path. So you can make that a ghost will serve as a link to the whispers behind his back on someone he does not know but through the ghost; or to speak it talks of other previous ghosts in their location thanks to silent witness. These powers require another use with your requirements such as rolls or expenditure of blood or Willpower.
•••••Funerary Dream
When a Silente wins this power is considered someone important, and she can evade the Jyhad or others society stems, apparently at least. This power lets you sleep in torpor, but fully aware of their environment and beyond if it dominates it sufficiently well. If the fears of many are true, many of the Elder Silent are watching every night.
System: The Player performs a Stamina + Occult dice roll at difficulty 7. Each success will allow you to use more power. Even without using other powers, is considered that it is on the border between the world of the Wraith and the living, and she can observe details of both worlds almost see it, with rolls Perception + Awareness to the Wraith, or Perception + Alertness for the living, although these reserves may not be greater than your cunning score + occult, or his humanity or path during the day. It can not move away from his body rather than his reserve of Intelligence + Occult, but not by other powers. It is perceived as a ghost by those skilled in Auspex, but not through Necromancy unless he wants it to.
Successes Result
  1. You can not use Disciplines.
  2. You can use powers of observation as Auspex or other powers of this Path of level 2 or lower.
  3. You can use Presence, other powers of emotional manipulation or level 3 or lower of this Path.
  4. You can use Dominate, Dementation or other mental powers or level 4 or lower of this Path.
  5. You can use the rest of Necromancy Paths, Thaumaturgy and other mystical Disciplines.
Out of this the vampire is in torpor. Except that using some power, it will not spend blood. Out few success (less than 3) makes that vampire in fact suffer the common torpor, remaining in that State determined by their score of Humanity or anyother Path of Enlightenment, if it has been successful enough so can remain almost indefinitely.
Requires a dice roll of Conscience or Conviction at the end of a really long period (50 years or more than double the time that you would pass in torpor as normal, whichever is greater) to avoid losing Path due to the risk for sanity that involves this power. The difficulty is equal to 12 – Path, with minimum difficulty of 4.

[Here is something written down and translated by me (both). The end of this is this place.]
[Hola, aquí os pongo mi invención traducida para V20. ¡Muy pronto más cosas de vuestro amigo y ciber vecino Mario!]

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