domingo, 18 de octubre de 2009

Errata de Mago Edad Oscura

Os dejo la habilidad que falta en el libro de Mage Dark Age.

Unlike the simple knowledge of herbs granted by the Hearth Wisdom Knowledge (herbs used mainly for cooking or medicine), this Skill provides a character with a knack for understanding the use and power of particular growing plants, whether they be herbs from a garden or the bark from an ancient cemetery yew tree. This skill is essential for making magical elixirs and poultices (see Dark Ages: Mage, pp. 205-206). While any plant-based potion can be devised without this Skill, a successful Intelligence + Herbalism roll (difficulty 6) is required to identify the proper plants needed to gain the superstitions bonus (which allows a player to negate a single 1 from any roll). Additionally, Herbalism allows a character to make a Perception + Herbalism roll (difficulty 8) to recognize a poisonous substance, such as a broth made from the wrong kind of mushrooms or a powder dissolved into the king’s mead. (Some substances are easier to recognize than others: the mushroom broth may requires only one success to notice, but the dissolved poison may require five successes and even suffer a higher difficulty.)
• Novice: You recognize some herbs from your mother’s garden.
•• Practiced: You know the magical properties of most common garden herbs.
••• Competent: You can recognize many wilderness herbs and identify their magical properties.
•••• Expert: You know the lore of all things that grow in the Earth.
••••• Master: You know the lore of all things that grow whose roots are in the Otherworld, such as certain mushrooms that grow in faerie rings.
Possessed by: Mages, Wise-women, Hermits
Specialties: Elixirs, Poultices, Hallucinogens, Poisons
Más erratas de Mundo de Tinieblas, además y pronto más detalles sobre mis partidas, para todos vosotros, de parte de vuestro amigo y ciber vecino Mario.

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